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How To Ignore Imperfection

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The Right to Ignore the State. by Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) Herbert Spencer was an incredible prophet and a magnificent defender of laissez-faire.

Excerpt: The Gifts of Imperfection by Dr. Brene Brown – Dr. Brene Brown says practicing courage, compassion, and connection in our daily lives is how we cultivate worthiness. Find out why in this excerpt from her book, The …

Way back in February, when I organized my pantry, I mentioned that I was looking for an old screen door to replace our current pantry door. I looked for an old screen …

Wow! This is AWESOME!!! I pretty sure I need a penny countertop. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

In The Gifts of Imperfection, Brené Brown, a leading expert on shame, authenticity, and belonging, shares ten guideposts on the power of Wholehearted living—a way …

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